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District Cabinet Officers

District Governor

Jay No

Immediate PDG

Nick Delicana

1st Vice District Governor

Bhong Garcia

2nd Vice District Governor

Farideh Monghate

Specialty Club Coordinator

PDG William Yoon

Cabinet Secretary

Myrna Averia

Cabinet Treasurer

Ven Javier

Event Coordinator

Willard Palahang

Event Coordinator

Jin Ha Chung

District Chaplain

Chester Ross

GLT Coordinator

Edith Javier

GMT Coordinator

Carl Dobluis

GST Coordinator

Nick Mananghaya

LCIF District Coordinator

Andrea De Guzman

District Song Leader

Camen Valledor

District Tail Twister

Linda Aguilar

Assistant District Tail Twister

Judith Averia Ting

District Lion Tamer

Albert Valledor

Korean Clubs Coordinator

Dean Kim

District Photographer

Stephanie Finley

PR-District Photographer

Noni Alfonso

Governor’s Senior Advisor

PDG Michael Gill

Governor’s Senior Advisor

PDG Sid Sioson

Northern Region and Zone Chairs

Northern Region Chair

Jennifer Cho

Northern Zone A Chair

Anna Cho

Northern Zone B Chair

Judith Averia Ting

Northern Zone C Chair

George Briggs

Central Region and Zone Chairs

Central Region Chair

Ken Marchand

Central Zone A Chair

Nancy Sembrano

Central Zone B Chair

Ylse Lazovsky

Central Zone C Chair

Anne Ricafort

Southern Region and Zone Chairs

Southern Region Chair

Rocky Ferreira

Southern Zone A Chair

Dorothy Ross

Southern Zone B Chair

Odette Ynoquio

Southern Zone C Chair

Ed Bigornia
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